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From Christian Paul, the director of Simply Maths Tutoring, as seen in:
Hey there Methods student,

In my time as a Maths tutor over the last 5 years, I've worked with hundreds of students studying VCE Maths Methods. And most of them tend to have the same problems.

Problems that, I'm willing to bet, you've come across too. Have you ever:
  • Worked your butt off to learn a topic, only to have the memory of it slip away a few weeks later?
  • Avoided asking your teacher to repeat their explanation of a topic because you didn't want to annoy them or look silly?
  •  Been unable to solve a problem that you KNOW you should be able to because you didn't have the essentials mastered?
  •  Worried about how to revise over 120 hours worth of classroom learning in the lead up to that all-important final exam?
Year 12s struggle with difficulties in Maths Methods constantly. And let me tell you... If you are a student who has experienced (or is currently experiencing) any of these problems...
You Are Not Alone!
There are over 10,000 students who study VCE Maths Methods in Year 12 every year - and every single one of them worry about how they're going.
Which Of These Common Traps Do You Need To Avoid?
Methods can be a dangerous trap for many students - especially when they aren't able to get access to the right help revising.

Many students fall victim to pitfalls that, without the right kind of help, will cripple their results...

Which is why it's so important for you to get the right kind of support at any cost:
Pitfall #1:
Borrowing Your Friends Notes To Catch Up On That Class You Missed
Why this is a bad idea:

Notes taken in class are ALWAYS subjective - which means that the points that your friend believes most important for their own learning is unlikely to line up with your own study needs.
Pitfall #2:
Using the textbook to relearn or revise content
Why this is a bad idea:

The textbook is a great source of practice questions, but the explanations give extensive detail into definitions and little regard to practical application...

Which is the exact opposite of what you need.
Pitfall #3:
Learning ONLY from your teacher
Why this is a bad idea:

Your teacher is your first and best source of learning.

But they are under pressure themselves to make sure they teach you everything in a limited amount of time.

Teachers don't have the time or luxury to constantly revise topics and content as they are required to focus on the upcoming information - which means it can be very easy for students to get left behind.
Which Of These Two Scenarios Would You Put Yourself In?
Scenario 1:
You spend the year pushing through the topics one by one, each lesson.

You scramble to get the notes off the board as fast as your teacher is writing them. Or, if you’re lucky, your teacher gives you handouts of the notes you need (which you then proceed to never read).

You smash through half a dozen questions per topic and start to feel like you’ve got it nailed. But the further into the exercise you get, the harder the questions become.

Sure, that makes sense.

But by this stage you can’t go back to the teacher to hear their explanation a second time (or maybe a first time, if you were too busy furiously scribbling notes while they were explaining it).

Every topic turns out the same. And then the SAC comes around, and you manage to scrape through because you put in a LOT of work and managed to get through most of it. But those last few questions always get away.

Fast forward to exam time.

Now is the time to go back and revisit every single topic covered so far. All of a sudden you have a monster job in front of you.

Revising 30 weeks’ worth of content over maybe 6 weeks? Just by going over notes that I barely understood the first time. 

Doesn’t that sound like lots of fun?

No, I don’t think so either.

Especially the part where you try to remember how it was taught the first time.

Sometimes, all you need is a little clarity.

A quick, simple way to make sure you hit the nail on the head the first time. 

A chance to make sure you go over the right stuff in the right way.

Scenario 2:
You rock up to every class having already seen the content.

You power through the notes, making rapid dot points of the important parts (which is easy because you already know what you are looking for).

You get through the practice questions with ease. By the time you get to the harder ones, you’re starting to get a little blurry on some of the more abstract parts of the topic, so you go back and refresh quickly and painlessly. Ready to go again!

SAC comes and goes without hassle. It’s pretty easy when you’ve covered the content two or even three times beforehand.
Fast forward to September.

Things are heating up, exams are creeping in.

The thought of going over the entire years’ worth of content is hanging on everybody’s mind, but not yours.

Because you know that it will take you less than 7.5 hours of work to revise the entire Methods course from start to finish.

Leaving you an insane amount of time to focus on practising confidently.

All of this knowing that, if you get stuck, help from a quality tutor is only a message away.

Imagine How much easier your life could be if you could:
  • Confidently learn every piece of content in the VCE Maths Methods curriculum in under 7.5 hours.
  • Feel confident that you can revise any concept or idea at any time without feeling guilty about asking questions that you "should know the answer to".
  • Access tools to help you design and build your own personalised study timetable.
  • Get access to weekly sessions with a high quality tutor to answer any questions you come up with.
  • Learn exam and test strategies month in advance, and practise using them to help you streamline your time in assessments.

If you're even slightly worried about learning and remembering EVERYTHING in methods, there is a fast & easy solution to your problem...
And instead of relying on your textbook, your teacher or your own (treacherous) memory, let highly regarded maths tutor Christian Paul teach and explain Maths Methods in clear, easy videos that will leave you wondering why you ever found it so tricky.
No more guessing, wondering, or wasting time studying the wrong thing
The Answer Is Simple - With The Right Set Of Tools, And The Right Explanations, Methods Is Stress Free.
"Your video tutorials were gold and helped so much with understanding because of how clear and straight forward everything was. I wish you all the best in the future with your business and thanks once again. "
Paige, 2016
The best resources for learning, revising and mastering Maths Methods, all at your fingertips
By having unlimited, 24/7 streaming to this complete library of step-by-step videos, taught by a professional Maths tutor, you’ll be able to:
  •   Learn every module and topic ahead of class, allowing you to focus on the details and finer points during class time
  •   Manage your study time effectively to allow you to achieve high results within a much shorter time frame
  •   Master advanced strategies to analyse challenging problems quickly
  •   Reduce stress and panic within Methods by confidently revising content with ease
  •   Master key concepts with the help of study tools such as cheat sheets, checklists, study planners, and many more
"The emails you've been sending have been so wonderful and motivating. I'm so thankful for you sharing these stories to help students like me to keep pushing through VCE.  "
Jennifer, 2017
Watch This Information Video To Learn How Making Sense Of Methods Can Help You To Accelerate Your Study 
Here's What You Get When You Join Today:
Making Sense Of Methods
Video Training Course

54 High Quality Explanation Videos (7.5 hours)

These videos cover every topic taught in Year 12 VCE Maths Methods. Watch as problems are explained and solved by hand on screen in front of you thanks to our top-of-the-line pen input recording software.

These videos teach all the mathematical content you need for the year.

Each video is (on average) 12 minutes long, and is fully self contained, which means you can easily learn and revise entire chapters, or single exercises quickly and efficiently.
Making Sense Of Methods
"Tech Library"

26 High Quality Explanation Videos (1 hour)

Learn the ins and outs of how to make use of your Ti-nSpire CX CAS calculator with this handy library of tutorial videos.

Learn everything from the required settings for Methods to how to use shortcuts to find tangent equations. These videos are specifically recorded with Maths Methods in mind.

Videos for the Casio ClassPad are in progress
What this will do for you:
  •   Learn topics ahead of class and easily keep up with the content
  •   Revise any topic from any part of the year quickly and easily
  •   Make use of the full functionality of the CAS Calculator including the shortcuts that aren't taught in the textbook.
  •   Get high quality study done in a short time, which means more free time for you.
You'll Also Be Given Access To
"Methods In A Nutshell" Mini Video Series
8 High Quality Explanation Videos (1 hour)

When you're getting ready for SACs or Exams, strategy is just as important as knowing the content.

This video series focuses on how you can use different strategies to make the most of your exam time.

This course covers:
  • Exam structuring
  •  Question Styles
  •  Time saving strategies
  • Specific strategies for Exam 1 & Exam 2
  •  Summary Book guidelines
  •  Question keyword identification
Downloadable Resource Pack
Downloadable resources to help you learn and study

These resources allow you to make the most of your study time, even away from the computer.

Cheat sheets, checklists and planning tools can accelerate your study by helping you to plan and coordinate your time - allowing you to focus on what matters most.

These resources include:

  •  10 Cheat Sheets that can be printed instantly and added to your Maths Methods Summary Book
  •  9 Module Checklists outlining each important topic within the core content modules
  •  A customisable study timetable that helps you to allocate your time to each of your subjects
  •  MP3 recording of each video lesson
  •  Slides from each lesson, including the handwritten notes for each practice question
  •  A custom written practice exam that can not be found ANYWHERE ELSE
Plus I'm Throwing In Some Free Bonuses As Well...
Bonus #1: Access To Private Facebook Group
All the videos in the world can't prepare you for certain questions. Which is why the Members Only Facebook Group exists.

Get a direct line to Christian and have detailed explanations to the most challenging questions at your fingertips.

What this will do for you:
The Facebook group gives you the benefit of having a professional Maths Tutor answer your questions, without the $300 bill each month.

But it also gives you the chance to connect with other dedicated students across the state. Members discuss strategies, ask questions about other schools, help each other with explanations, and even post outside resources.
Bonus #2: Exclusive Online Workshops
During the holidays, and in the lead up to final Exams, we run regular online workshops for members of Making Sense Of Methods.

These workshops are designed to give students a rapid acceleration in their understanding, and are focused on one of three things:
  • Revision of the past Term's content
  • Headstart on upcoming Term content
  • Exam Practice Runs
Bonus #3: Practice Question Book
On top of all the practice questions included in the lesson videos, get access to over 300 completely new practice questions covering all topics.

This booklet is organised into the same sections as the Video Course, allowing students to easily find relevant practice upon completing each video lesson.
What this Site will Mean for you
  • Learn content ahead of class, and be confident in your ability to keep up with the high speed of class taught content
  • Be able to leverage your calculator and make use of advanced functions and short cuts to save time
  • Never ever be worried about missing a class and falling behind
  • Trust that, even if you forget some topics, you can confidently and quickly revise them without hassle
  • Stay on track with regular live videos, workshops and challenges to keep you accountable
  • Get answers to every challenging question from a professional Maths tutor, WITHOUT having to pay over $50 per hour for their help
  • Challenge yourself with new problems constantly to leap ahead of the pack
WARNING: Time is definitely a factor
Here Are Two Big Reasons To Join TODAY
Reason 1:
Staying Ahead Is A Lot Easier Than Catching Up
Methods is built layer upon layer...

Each topic is designed to help the next, and the next, and so on...

Which means that the longer you wait, the further back you have to go in order to get the full picture...

By getting a head start on topics and making the most of the resources at your fingertips, you can avoid the dreaded information overload that cripples so many students across the state each year.

By taking action NOW, you will set yourself up to never feel that overwhelm...

You'll never feel like you're playing catch up.

You'll never feel like you can't keep up.

And you confidence improves a hundred times when you realise that you have the ability to always be ahead of the game.
"I highly recommend it! "
- Sam, 2017
Reason 2:
The Longer You Wait, The More Expensive It Gets
No, I'm not talking about our program.

I'm talking about the costs involved with giving yourself all the tools you need.

As the year goes on, students start to feel the pressure more and more...

And given the fact that there are so many tools and resources out there, many students just think that they can "fix it later".

Maybe with a new question book...

Another revision lecture...

Another masterclass...

More frequent tutoring...

With resources everywhere, it's all too easy to get a little "spend-crazy" - especially where your education is concerned.

Students (and their parents) can easily spend hundreds of dollars on "quick fix" tools as the year goes on, in the hope that they can use these tools to catch up and get everything in order before exam time.

Don't believe me? If you hired a private tutor once a week for Term 3 only ($50+ per hour), went to 2-3 revision lectures over the holidays ($50-100 each) and bought a couple of books ($20-40 each), you'd easily hit $800.

Plus, you still have the stress of actually going through it all in order for it to make the difference.

Jumping in early is actually going to save on costs, reduce stress and do it with less effort.
Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer
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  •  All of the bonuses
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If you don’t get any results from it, you can cancel within the first 14 days and you won’t be charged a cent.

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We reserve the right to close the doors at any time, to ensure that we take the best care of our existing members.

That’s why there’s never been a better time than right now to take advantage of this risk-free opportunity!

Supercharge Your Methods Study
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  • Instant Access To Full Library
  • Access To All Downloadable Resources
  • Unlimited 24/7 streaming
  • Bonus 1: Access To Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus 2: Access to all online workshops and recordings
  • Bonus 3: Practice Question Workbook
I can't wait to see you inside the members area shortly!

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